Perinatal/Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders

New York Postpartum Resource Center – find resources & support (including a directory of professionals) in New York.

Postpartum Progress – a non-profit that educates and supports perinatal mood & anxiety disorders.  Includes a listing of professionals across the U.S.

Postpartum Support International – educates & supports perinatal mood & anxiety disorders.  Includes a listing of international professionals.

Postpartum Depression.Org – find education & support for postpartum depression.  Includes partner support.




La Leche League International – includes a helpline, listing of local group leaders & meetings, and forum.

Breastfeeding USA – includes support, local chapters & leaders.

KellyMom – evidence-based resources for both breastfeeding & parenting.

Natural Breastfeeding – includes an amazing video explaining laid-back breastfeeding (an optimal newborn breastfeeding position).



Birth Trauma

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) – provides education & information on C-sections, C-section recovery, and VBACs.  Includes listing of local chapters.

New York Postpartum Resource Center – find professionals & support for processing your birth story.

Preparing for Birth

HypnoBirth – childbirth preparation that focuses on relaxation & breathing techniques, includes local classes/educators.

Bradley Method of Childbirth – partner/husband coached childbirth.

Lamaze – evidence-based birth education.

The Birth Hour Podcast – listen to mothers tell their birth stories first hand.


Newborn/Baby Care

Ask Dr. Sears – general parenting advice (including newborn/baby care, breastfeeding, sleeping, attachment parenting, etc.)

 Baby Sleep – baby sleep described month by month and professional advice on common sleeping issues.

Happiest Baby on the Block – the 5 S’s for calming baby.


Postpartum Body Image

Fourth Trimester Body Project – a compilation of hundreds of women telling their birth & postpartum journeys, all while celebrating their beautiful postpartum bodies.

Mid Drift Movement – changing the conversation of the postpartum body.

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